Spring is upon us, inspiring me to publish a small collection of experiences which illustrate the attraction of the season. Spring is a revitalising stage that tempts us into summer. In honour of this transition, this collection is united as a ‘salute to the sun’.

The scented air has a cool bite in the still of early morning. A trickle of light filters through brick walls and onto the footpath, every small piece of sun gives a burst of warmth. The hum of an engine grows as it comes closer from behind, breaking the silence as the old Subaru whizzes past, filling up lungs with car exhaust. Jasmine is everywhere now, wrapping itself around the front gates of terrace houses. Dainty buds throwing a fresh perfume into the air, until the summer heat sets in and turns it brown like our skin.

Jagged bulging bodies of water find paths through mountains blanketed in eucalypts. The contours form like wrinkles on a curled hand which hold dams and backyard pools inside of it. These bodies of water capture sunlight and throwing it back into the eye that flies above it, in bursts of pure blinding gold.


A timid toe ripples the surface of the cold water. Then it was either bravery or idiocy that took over and flung my body off the concrete edge and into the ocean. I smacked the surface awkwardly and for a moment I plunged deeper into the darkest green towards the ocean floor. The full force of the icy water hit me and I yelped in shock, blasting bubbles up towards the surface. Streaks of sun beckoned me back towards it, and I didn’t hesitate to kick back up to the allure of its warmth. I rose from the darkness in a foaming scrambling mess, onto the rocks and back up the steps. With shaking limbs, I pressed my body into the afternoon heat of the concrete. Slowly reviving, watching salt water crystallise on my shoulder.

Margaret Preston, Australian Wildflowers, 1923

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