EDFX Community Engagement 2

This week we had a mufti day, where the students came dressed in attire which represented their cultural heritage. This was a fantastic visual representation of the multicultural backgrounds that the students come from. Of course, mufti day created a charged energy in the classroom, with lots of dancing and fidgeting with costumes. One boy, who came from the south pacific, spent the day dressed in nothing but a grass skirt, a pair of undies and war paint with bare feet (much to his delight and the teacher’s horror). It was difficult to keep the students settled and my supervisor adjusted her plan for the day to accommodate this unusual animation, focusing on light-hearted activities such as reading and colouring.

After recess, the students began a rotation between classes which offered a range of different cultural experiences. The entire school participated in this activity and it was very interesting to see how teachers coordinated this mass activity. Keeping students in line and time management became a key component in the success of this venture.


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