EDFX Community Engagement 3

This week, the Year 2 students had been learning about Sydney. They had previously studied a range of artists from Brett Whitely to Grace Cossington-Smith and my supervisor asked me to conduct an age appropriate art class which recalled their knowledge. To begin, we looked at Ken Done’s renderings of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We noted the shapes and colours and then discussed how students could create their own drawing of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, influenced by the features of Ken Dones artworks. Using crayon and blue wash, this independent task became very creative, but with clear outcomes that needed to be achieved. At first, the class was very talkative about the colours and shapes they had seen, however, as soon as we played music everyone became very quiet and interested in their task. Even those with ADHD and Autism exhibited great focus and patience. The activity gave students a freedom of expression, with many asking if they could include personal touches into their drawing such as fireworks, dolphins, boats and birds. My supervisor asked me to award the top 3 artworks with a sticker, we went around the room looking at the drawings, I found her to be particularly harsh in her judgments, telling them that they had been unsuccessful but not giving them the opportunity or suggestions for how they might improve.


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