Art and Literature



In any cultural period, there is a seamless connection between art all of the arts. In exploring art we may find many literary connections, as the themes and techniques of artists can expand our understanding of literature and its context.

This week we explored the 19th Century rooms of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
In the Victorian Hall, I was most intrigued by the wall displaying Victorian women. This collaboration by the Art Gallery gave the impression of a complex narrative. The positioning of these artworks allowed the viewer to gain a deeper understanding of Victorian society, comparing the values and attitudes towards women, the core values of the era and the differences between social classes. Women were presented as Femme Fatals, with a strength and paradoxical decline, questioning the nature of womanhood and femininity.

Sir Edward John Poynter, The Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon


The following video also contains interesting links between art and literature in the Romantic Era of the 19th Century:



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