EDFX Community Engagement 5

Today in class I discussed with my supervisor about how she assesses success and learning in the classroom. In her practice, she lists the criteria that needs to be met in each lesson, however, every student has individual learning strengths and weaknesses and we discussed the difficulty of making sure everyone was learning and developing at a similar pace.

In todays art activity, I took small groups of students outside throughout the day to create unique marbled paintings that we would later cut into round shapes. The activity was simple with only 5 colours being used. Here, the biggest challenge was organisation and coordination; making sure students didn’t mix the brushes with different colours to avoid spoiling the activity for groups after, and of course, keeping paint off everyone’s clothes. Meeting these criteria became quite difficult for a student diagnosed with Autism. The student was aided by a student support officer, who mostly controlled behaviour and assisted in the student’s activities. Immediately I could see that this student had greater difficulty following instruction, matching the brushes with the correct colour and had a slower reaction time.

Seeing the learning differences between students made me question how I would assess my own class and ensure that every student would be getting equal value from a lesson.


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