George Eliot’s Silas Marner: Resources

In ordinary lives Eliot perceived human nature’s “deep pathos, its sublime mysteries.”
Illustration by PIERRE MORNET

Contextual Resources:

  • This video provides a particularly casual and easy to understand overview of the life of George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans), and the ways in which it links to Silas Marner. I found this source to be useful in noting key contextual themes, from which I could begin my own investigative research.

    This Article from the New Yorker provides a personal and opinionated account of George Eliot’s life, with some reflection on a number of her novels, including Silas Marner. Skip the first 9 paragraphs in which the author describes her love of ‘Middlemarch’…the first time she picked up the book.. etc etc. After this lengthy dedication, however, you will find the meaty information with interesting arguments both for and against Eliot’s writing. 
    “In ordinary lives, Eliot perceived human nature’s ‘deep pathos, its sublime mysteries.’”

    The Victorian Web is an academic website which simplifies a network of complex connections linked to Eliot’s Work. The site compacts key elements of influence into a useful map, which, when clicked on, will lead you to pages of brief points and references.

Silas Marner Resources:

Refresh your memory:



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