EDFX Community Engagement 7

With my supervisor unwell I took on a greater leadership role in the classroom this week. Engaging students and managing behaviour became a focus for me, and we created short lessons to keep their attention going. My supervisor made sure that the lessons had students moving around the classroom to maintain interest, for example, for autonomous learning student sat at their tables and when listening to teachers instruction students sat on the floor changing the position of the teacher to ensure an attentive class. To engage students and cater for the needs of diverse learners I used a range of teaching strategies. Incorporating, verbal, visual, multimedia and analytical stimuli to my lesson. I felt most successful when reading a story book out loud to the class. Here I really focused on my tone and rhythm; lowering my voice and slowing the pace of the reading built interest, and restless students quietened as the became intrigued, many students leaning forward or sat up on their knees engaged and eager to listen.

What was unsuccessful however was keeping control of the class during independent learning. I saw that the arrangement of students should have been changed to avoid chatting and distraction. Any students placed at the back of the class near the door were less focused on their work. In future, I would rearrange the furniture to remove that difficult learning area. Also, the tables are filled with containers of pencils and rubbers. While they are useful and needed, the can also become toys and distractions for students. Often I found I had to stop myself from taking the objects straight out of their hands, instead, I directed them to make the right decision which didn’t go quite as planned and next time I would like to be more firm.


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