Peer Review 6

Hi Joey,
Congratulations on a very successful Blog post! Your insights into the life of Tolstoy gave me a greater understanding of Tolstoy’s perspective and your writing was a joy to read. What an interesting man with such strong convictions. I think this essence of Tolstoy is truly reflected in “The Death of Ivan Ilych” and “Master and Man” which I believe you linked to perfectly in relation to Tolstoy’s views regarding the social context of Russia. It might be interesting to explore this further, giving examples where you believe Tolstoy’s personal life directly influenced his writing, or perhaps where he mirrored Russian society. Perhaps adding a few links, or providing evidence to support your information would elevate this post, but overall, I found this very well written and hard to fault. Well done.


Peer Review 5

Hi Annabelle,
A very well thought out critical response to Matthew Arnold’s poem “The Scholar Gypsy”. I was very intrigued by the duplicity of both the character and the scene, I believe you had a great grasp of this concept and offered an interesting perspective. However, you need to work on sentence structure and the flow of your writing. Some sentences seemed a little overworked or superfluous, for example, “face value is not the true essence of the deeper meaning”. Lines such as this could be further simplified to strengthen the persuasiveness of your opinion.

Peer Review 4

Hi Daniel,
Congratulations on your blog post this week. You have presented very thoughtful links between your quotes and the broad themes of Hard Times. However, I would love to see you make a statement here! Offer your opinion and support it with your evidence as this is your platform to express yourself. Also, I believe your quote about Sissy tells us a lot about Dickens’ depiction of children as being virtuous and imaginative. This could be another angle you could read into. Otherwise, you have created a very well written critical blog post which I thoroughly enjoyed reading!

Peer Review 3

Hi Alana,
I really enjoyed how you related to your personal experiences in challenging the blog topic. Similar to the previous comment, you do need to be wary of your grammar. Also the use of the word ‘whilst’ could be simplified. Overall this blog post really got me questioning how the intended audience of Jane Austen really reacted to Emma! There might even be literary reviews available to us from this period, which might be a really interesting avenue to research! Also, remember to add in supporting evidence or material (eg images and links).

Peer Review 2

Hi Julena,

A very emotive response! Your writing really gives me a great sense of the conflict and desperation that the speaker is feeling. I felt you had a great grasp of Emmas’ language and thought processes, however it seemed like you had almost re-written the scene between Emma and Harriet. I would love to see a new conflict and this creative piece could really be elevated by throwing in a few extra quirks and personality traits.

Peer review 1


Hi Marija,
Good work on your blog post! A very conversational piece of writing that was particularly sensitive of your audience. Including some evidence to back up a few of your points would truly elevate your writing – for example, when you mention the opinions and attitudes of ‘critics’, definitely name-drop a few! Also maybe consider referring back to the question you posed in the title more often throughout, I felt it went a little unanswered. Overall well done and keep it up!